7 Thoughts You’ll Have at Your First Music Festival¬†

Festival season is in full swing! Once you enter a festival: Coachella, Bonnaroo, Firefly, or any of the others, you’ll know you stepped into another world! Here’s 7 thoughts you’ll have during your first festival.

1. So many friendly people!- You’ll be sleeping probably in an area with thousands of others. You’re all there for the music and good vibes.
2. Baby Wipe Showers- The showers are pricey and the lines are long so hello baby wipes! Don’t even feel bad; everyone’s doing it.

3. So Many Bands, So Little Time- There’s multiple stages, they’re all over the place and two of your favorite bands are playing at the same time. Choose one or run between the two?! 

4. Super Indulgence- The week of the music festival may take years of your life! Whether it’s super dehydration from waiting hours in the perfect front row spot from your band, or indulging in everything under the sun: you’ll need a health kick when you get home.

5. I’m So (Not) Prepared- This could go either way. You either did your research or you had no freaking idea you were supposed bring a Camelback, fannypack, AND infinite amounts of sunscreen!

6. Deciding How You’ll Experience Each Band- Will you sit in the way back? Stand off the side to dance? Be in the crowd to mosh? Or hang onto that front rail for dear life hours before? It’s all about orchestrating.

7. When Can I Come Back? After the beer is gone, your spirit is lifted into the waves of music, and you’ve made more new friends than you can count, you’re already planning to go again next year.